Let me tell you about my best friend,

my wife and your photographer. Katie is a determined, strong-willed, down to earth southern girl. Her pastimes include hiking, kayaking and riding horses. She has the biggest heart for others and adventure! She's happiest when we are out enjoying the beauty of nature with our fur-child, Liza.

That's what he said!

I live a simple life with my husband, Russ, and our dogs.
Being a photographer for 5 years has been one of the greatest things in my life! I absolutely adore my clients and love capturing those special moments for them.
As Russ already told you, I love adventuring outdoors every chance I get. We love the mountains so much, we even got married on the side of the mountains on the Blue Ridge Parkway in June 2017 with just our immediate family.
I am an extroverted introvert, which means I can bring it when I need to, but I recharge best with quiet time.
My relationship with Jesus is one of my biggest priorities because without Him, none of this would be possible.

Hi, I'm Liza!!

On days when my mom takes her camera to the mountains, she always lets me come too! Those days are always my favorite! She always takes pictures of the nicest people that always have so many wonderful smells. I have compulsive sniffing disorder (or that's what my mom says) and there's nothing I love more than meeting and sniffing new people. I hope you will go on a trip to the mountains with us soon so I can sniff you too!

a few of my favorite things

coffee mugs

If we're being honest here, I'm probably a borderline coffee mug hoarder. Our cabinets are packed with mugs, yet I still insist on stopping and looking at them everywhere we go. Of course, I'm equally obsessed with all of the yummy coffee that goes in those mugs too!

chips + salsa

do I even need to say more here?? I'm not sure I even have words to explain how happy I feel when they set a fresh plate of chips + salsa in front of me at a restaurant. And the more spicy the better!


I grew up around horses and have loved them my entire life. I still have my first horse that I bought for myself and brought home without asking my parents when I was in high school. Easier to ask forgiveness than permission, right?!
My husband knows it's an absolute MUST to slow down whenever we're driving and I see horses and I've got my face pressed against the window like a little kid so excited!!


one of my absolute favorite places in this world is hiking in the mountains. I love the struggle of climb to make it to the top + the most breathtaking of views that's waiting when you finally make it. Whenever life gets to be a little too much, there's nothing that a day in the mountains with my sweet husband and dog won't fix!

90's country

I mean, you really can't improve on Garth and George. Our road trips always include us singing obnoxiously loud to a little "friends in low places", admiring album covers of some of those impressive mullets, and me pretending to know the words to every single song even if I have to make them up as I go.